D.F. Boiler Tube Industries Inc. has a comprehensive and effective health and safety management program. Our company is a member of the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association (MHSA) and has a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Alberta Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program.


The company is committed to maintaining a health and safety management system that protects from foreseeable hazards which may result in accidents or incidents causing personal injury, occupational illness, or property damage. It is our belief that every employee is entitled to a safe, healthy and respectful work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements.

We are committed to maintaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in health and safety management.

We demand 100% health and safety participation from employees and contractors. Staff members in all positions are equally responsible and accountable for our company’s overall safety performance. Active participation by everyone every day in every task is necessary and encouraged to meet the safety excellence our company expects.


Our objective is a healthy, safe, and accident free workplace.

We accomplish our goal through continuous auditing, root cause analysis, and corrective action.