Our client list includes some of the largest companies in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Electrical Power Generation, Agricultural and Mining industries around the world.
Our projects include new industrial construction, maintenance, and emergency services.

All our customers ask something different of us. Our aim is to provide those products and services as needed, when needed.
Our Mission is “Service & Quality Second to None!”

View Pictures of our Projects

Field Installation of Shop Fabricated Fin Fan Cooler, Manufacturing Design and Build

Engineering, Design and Emergency Fabrication of Pressure Vessel in Accordance with Client Specifications and ASME Section VIII Division 1

Package Boiler Installation with Design Registration and Fabrication On-Site. High Pressure/Temperature Hot Water Emergency On-Site ASME B31.3 Piping Installation.

90 Degree Elbow Enclosure Manufacturing

Field Installation and Shop Fabrication of Low Pressure Drainage Tank

Design Registration and Shop Fabrication of Prototype Dust Collector

Emergency Heat Exchanger Repairs

Engineering, Design Manufacturing, and ABSA Registration for Level Gauge/Fittings

Emergency Provider of Hard to Find and Special Requirements Flow Control Products

We Man Up A.S.A.P. Around the Clock for Emergency Shutdown Jobs

Large Diameter Chrome Moly Header

Custom Fabrication of Nitride Coated Rings for a Large Gas Plant

Boiler Element Dissimilar Welded T22 to 304H Stainless Steel

12” x 0.375” wall ASME SA335 P9 Pipe Bends Manufactured at our facility in Edmonton

Large Field Project, Stainless GTAW Closure Welds

Large plates were rolled to meet customer required specifications

A Y-Lateral ASME SA182 Grade F91 manufactured in Italy for a critical shutdown

Our Water Jet Cutter is a state of the art industrial tool, capable of cutting a wide variety of materials to exact specifications.

Studded Boiler Tube Panels for Insulation

Titanium Thermowell

Schedule 100 ASME SA312 TP Grade 347H with 100% X-Ray – df was used due to experience dealing with exotic materials.

Shop Fabricated Elbow Scarf Plate

Custom Shop Fabricated Pins

Shop Fabricated Custom HAYNES HR-120 Alloy Oven

Inconel 601 Ferrule

Custom Fabricated Tube Plugs in various sizes and materials

Shop Fabricated Custom HAYNES HR-120 Alloy Oven

Large or Small, we deliver it all