Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

D.F. Boiler Tube Industries Inc. has a mission to contribute to promoting sustainability. We aim to make a positive difference to the wider world and the future while being held accountable for our decisions and actions. We take into consideration our affect on the environment in ways such as how we operate, how our employees act and take measures to improve our overall performance. Some examples in the ways in which we change our activities is by reconsidering our transportation norms (reduce vehicle speed, no aggressive driving), Food and Drinks (reusable containers, bringing lunch to work), green purchasing (considering the necessity of a product or service), printing and recycling.
Our impact on the environment has become a critical part of measuring our overall performance. This reflects on the growing company need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good organizational governance.


At D.F. Boiler Tube Industries Inc. we take pride in our commitment to making sure we are environmentally responsible in as many areas as possible. We stress the re-use and recycling of our resources and actively pursue ways to reduce consumption. We strive to be industry leaders and to set an example for both our suppliers and customers.

Some of D.F.’s guiding principles are:

  • Encouraging all employees to focus on the importance of preserving human health and the environment and to do their part to help
  • Having management members demonstrate that environmental protection is a high priority by setting goals and establishing procedures which are protective of people, property and the environment and by auditing all operations to ensure compliance
  • Conserving energy and reducing, reusing and recycling materials and natural resources
  • Striving to achieve, by means of continual improvement, environmental levels of performance governed not only be legislated requirements but also considering the expectations of our community and customers


D.F. supports the following charitable organizations listed below on a regular basis:

Seton Way Project

The Seton Way Project initiated by Sister Gabriela Villela in 2006, is a program that assists underprivileged women and children in La Victoria, a town in northern Peru, S.A. Sister Gabriela is a member of the Sisters of Charity (Halifax) based in Edmonton. The project in La Victoria is sustained by means of a recyclable (bottles, cartons, cans) program at Sister Gabriela’s parish church. The proceeds help with programs for the women that enhance their family living conditions and for children by means of nutrition breakfasts and educational support. Besides these basic programs, in the last few years approximately 100 children have received backpacks, uniform shoes, school supplies, warm clothing, and needed construction repairs have been made to the center. Our company has been, for the last three years, a regular contributor and supporter of the Mission Project for which Sister Gabriela and the people in La Victoria are deeply grateful.

Christmas Bureau

Founded in 1940, the Christmas Bureau is one of Edmonton’s longest serving non-profit organizations. Each year our city comes together to ensure that the least fortunate receive a festive food hamper. Through individual and corporate donations, this help was provided for more than 65,000 Edmontonians in need.


Hope Mission

Hope Mission is a not-for-profit Christian social care agency founded in 1929 by Reverend Harold Edwardson. Reverend Edwardson established a soup kitchen serving meals to hundreds of people struggling with unemployment and homelessness at the onset of the Depression.
Today Hope Mission cares for impoverished and homeless people in the city of Edmonton. Basic and emergency care is provided to over 800 people daily as well as counsel and referral services for men, women, and youth. In 2010 we provided 183,650 Emergency Shelter bed nights and our Food Services provided 361,545 meals.

Santa’s Anonymous

Santa’s Anonymous was started in 1955 on 1080 CHED Radio by Jerry Forbes. Relying almost completely on volunteer power, the organization serves 25,000 less fortunate children in Edmonton each Christmas Season. Our office serves as a donation location each year.

Edmonton Food Drive

Edmonton’s Food Bank was born through the realization of two factors by a small number of individuals from various local non-profit organizations: hunger was affecting the lives of many of their clients and edible food was being wasted in the community. There was a desire to reconcile these realities and to establish a channel for surplus food from the food industry to those who were experiencing food insecurity.